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Student Council

Student Council

2023-2024 Student Council

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President: Eli Anderson

Vice President: Ethan Viney

Treasurer: Chelsea Slocum

Secretary: Titus Quayle

Reporter: Adalynn Sprague

Hoff Student Council

Student Council is an elected group of students who represent their peers. Student Council gives a voice to students and plans community service projects and school events.

  • Student Council has three office positions, Reporter, Secretary and Treasurer, open to third through fifth grade.  One office, Vice President, is only open to 4th grade.  The Vice President position is a two year commitment...Vice President in 4th grade and President in 5th grade.

  • The Vice President takes over the responsibilities of the President if s/he is not available.  The Vice President also assists the President in organizing the Student Council.  The VP accompanies the President to any meetings when necessary.

  • The Reporter writes a short article for the school newsletter about activities sponsored by Student Council for the month.

  • The Secretary takes notes about the meeting and writes them down.  The Secretary also sends out letters and notices of meetings.

  • The Treasurer collects any money raised by the Student Council and delivers it to the office.  Additionally, the Treasurer makes a brief report at meetings.

  • The Officers and Representatives will meet once a month.  They will meet the second Wednesday of the month from 3:15-4:15. 

  • Yes, each class in grades 3 through 5 can elect 1 class representative.

  • The Class Representatives share Student Council information with their classes and take concerns and suggestions from their classmates to the Student Council.  They will also be responsible for representing a primary classroom.  Representatives help with all Student Council activities.

  • Students who want to run for Student Council must first get permission from their parents.  They can get permission slips from their classroom teachers.

Student Council

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