2nd Grade Overview

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2nd grade Music

Second grade music continues to build on the foundational music and social skills introduced in earlier primary grades.  

Students will learn how to sing a simple round, respond to music trough movement, and play instruments including participating in a drum circle and a xylophone accompaniment as part of their 2nd grade musical experience. 

Key concepts include:

  • Steady Beat
  • Rhythm
    • Quarter note “ta”
    • Two eighth notes “ti ti”
    • 16th notes “tika tika”
    • Whole notes and half notes
    • Whole rests and half rests
  • Using a singing voice
    • Musical Staff
    • Notes going up and down on the musical staff
    • Line notes and space notes
    • Sing a song in canon form ( a round)
  • Listening skills
  • Musical terms: forte/piano, largo/presto