Attention Parents

Posted on 04/01/2020

Attention Parents!

Many of the fun activities that Hoff students have attended in the past were provided by the PTO (field trips, fun-a-thon, dinner & dodge ball, etc.). This year the activities were cut because of the lack of PTO. We would like to establish an informal PTO and are looking for ALL types of volunteers. We understand that your time is important, but if you feel you can help in any or all of the following areas please contact the PTO through email ( or call/text Christine Weisenborn at 303-359-3823

- Ideas on how we might serve Hoff best

- Work activities sponsored by PTO (this is just a list of possible volunteers)

- Brainstorm themes, ideas, etc. - Provide food, drinks, or other items for activities

- Help with setup or cleanup - Call/visit businesses for sponsorships

- Organize activities

If there is any other way you might be able to help, please contact us. No amount of time or effort will be turned away. Feel free to bring siblings and children along to meetings. Our next meeting is April 4th at 1:30pm at the Hoff cafeteria.  Come and see what we are all about and make your voices heard to help create the best school for our kids.

Thank you,

Hoff’s Informal PTO